This one is a very special poem that I wrote. A Sonnet like most of the others :P By Firey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You would think someone like me would have friends

But I am alone

You would think someone like me would have trends

But I am just a clone


Now I only had one true friend

And she was a goddess

She always had something to lend

Even if she thought it was less


Together we are one

Apart we are nothing

Without her I would become undone

She was the one who made me something

You, Brighty, was my only true friend and love

You came down from the sky like a gorgeous dove

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is dedicated to Brighty, a true friend of mine who really made me who I am today. Without your encouragement, I would have been a true failure <3 Thank you, and ily <33333

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