Everyone Wants To Be Chosen

But Is It Really Worth It?

The BlurbEdit

The Choosing is an event that took place every leaf-fall. The best warriors from each Clan were chosen. They would be taken to the Capital, and trained to be a leader. 

Willowflower was always ready. She hoped she'd be Chosen, and she didn't care about the costs. In fact, there didn't seem to be any.

But after losing her best friend to The Choosing, Willowflower begins to wonder if this is what she really wants. And when she meets an ex-Council member, Willowflower realizes that The Choosing is more dangerous than anything ever made.



The Choosing is coming up, and Willowflower is preparing to be her best. She's been waiting her whole life to be Chosen, and is praying she'll be the lucky warrior. When her best friend is Chosen instead of her, Willowflower feels defeated, and forces herself to prove she is the best warrior WestClan can have. But after meeting an ex-council member, she learns what is really going on.


After revealing to everyone what The Council really does, Willowflower is captured, and taken away. She is to be brainwashed, and made into a member of The Council. To destory the one thing she still has. Willowflower knows she has a short time left, and commits herself to staying alive, and escaping the horror of The Council.


A mass breakout from The Council has freed so many cats. Released from the brain-washing, the Clans are rebelling against the system they've known forever. A new era is being born, but not without a cost. As her family dies around her, Willowflower realizes it's time to make a choice. Admit defeat, and let the brainwashing continue, or keep fighting, and reveal who the true enemy is.

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