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Welcome to Firey's page!

They say...not to play with fire...

About Me

I'm kind of that, erratic person who thinks about new ideas everyday. I am a female, so don't get me wrong. I also happen to be a rollback so feel free to ask me questions c:

I consider myself to be friendly, and a pretty good coder. I do wish to have my stories acknowledged, and I do kind of wish I would have more fans. I'm kind of that person who just wants to be known, but not too popular in a way.

I'd love to make new friends, and I'm definitely not the type to bite off your head. Please ask me whatever you want on my talk page :)

(Note: Some of the fonts I'm using are some that you may not have on your computer. Download the font "Lyric Dragon" and the font "Bright Young Things" to see the fonts for my userpage)

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If you ever want to do a collab with me, please ask! Please click the links above, and please, please comment on some of my fanfics!

Hope to see you around <3


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